Drink your food and eat your water.

-Ancient Chinese Taoism proverb

In a rush? Smashing down those last few eggs to make it on the  bus in the morning, or engulfing the last few bites of your sausage roll in the crib hut to get back out on site on time?

Sound familiar? I see it all the time at work and back on RnR! In the stressful and fast paced lives us Westerners live, we have even forgotten to make time to enjoy, appreciate and take our time to do one thing that keeps us alive… eat and drink!

#FIFO is hectic enough with the long work swings, stinkin’ hot weather and having the supervisor riding us all day- who has time to eat?! Unfortunately, being in a rush to get the ‘burden’ of eating out of the way is stimulating our bodies natural stress response. Our bodies do not want to waste precious energy consuming and digesting food. It wants to save our blood and nutrients to fuel our brain and limbs for the up coming ‘fight or flight response’. The body figures survival is more important now, ‘I can digest this food later!’ (1)

The problem is that later never comes! We are constantly on the move, thinking about the next job or what muscle group we are training this afternoon. So what ends up happening is that all that food we smashed down remains undigested and putrefies inside our colon (large intestine). Eventually it will begin to leak toxins and waste into our bloodstream, poisoning our organs and cells. (2)

It leads to unwanted body fat, sluggish metabolisms, reduced ability to concentrate, acne just to name a few! (3)

If you think you have this all sussed out and your digestion is fine, let me ask you:

  • Do you pass moist yet firm stool at least ONCE A DAY? not sloppy or little pellets! Sorry for being so graphic but this crap is important- literally I have had people tell me that they are only passing stool once or twice a week… and they think this is normal?! Let me assure you- It is not. Think about how much is going in verses how much is coming out! Guess where the rest is hiding? Yep, its hanging out in the colon!

  • Can’t loose that unwanted body fat?

  • Do you ever get bloated or pass large amounts of gas for hours after a meal?

  • Prone to getting sick or fatigued but the doctor tells you there’s nothing wrong?

  • Get easily annoyed or agitated after a meal?

  • Get sleepy and groggy after smoko?

Okay, so a lot of you probably answered yes to a few of these. Here’s what you can do to mitigate digestive distress whilst working FIFO, and at home too:

  1. CHEW your food at LEAST 35- 40 times…PER mouth full! I can’t stress this enough. Mechanical and even some chemical digestion begins in the mouth. Apart from your front chompers, the rest of your teeth are all designed to chew, chew, chew! The act of chewing and tongue thrusting breaks down proteins, fats and carbs into easier to digest mush. This eases the strain on your oesophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon and allows for easier absorption of nutrients. Digestion of Carbs also begins in the mouth by the gland ducts under the tongue releasing enzymes to also help with the digestion process. Studies also show that chewing 30, 40 times gives the food adequate time to reach the stomach and start initiating messages of fullness and satiation- Hello anyone wanting to lose weight??!!

  2. Be conscious of your meal before you eat it! Not going to get all spiritual on you but literally thinking of the foods you are about to eat will help with the digestion process. Don’t believe me? Ever had a watering mouth and grumbling stomach in anticipation of that chilli, chicken and rice? Yep, you are subconsciously telling your body to get ready! the Pancreas and stomach will begin to secrete the appropriate enzymes. Another benefit of this is that you are more likely to de stress before beginning to eat by closing your mind off from everything else.

  3. Try not to eat if you are stressed!  Eating whilst stressed will just clog you up, stress you out more and is a recipe for toxicity and weight gain! Studies show you are also more likely to eat more and be less aware of amounts consumed when stressed…..not good! I think everyone has had that day when they have eaten smoko and lunch in one go and weren't even hungry to begin with!

  4. Supplement with digestive enzymes! If you find you are struggling to eat in the given times at work (I know I struggle with the 30 mins we are given) you may want to look into purchasing some good quality digestive enzymes. There are plant based ones for vegan style meals, and ones derived from animal products such as ox bile for animal proteins and fats. I do use them regularly and find them quite effective. This would be even more important to all you mass gainers out there

  5. Remember:  “drink your food and eat your water!”

Yours in health and wellness,