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With fast paced and at times the seemingly monotonous daily routines we live whilst working #FIFO, we often loose motivation and can get a little moody or depressed. It’s easy to forget the small wins in our daily lives and why we work FIFO or continue to lead our current lifestyle.

The good news is there is a simple yet effective exercise anyone can use in his or her daily lives called:


‘What Went Well? (and Why?)


A major component we come across in wellness coaching is a relatively new concept called ‘positive psychology’. This is the notion of focusing on the positives in an individuals situation instead just using the traditional psychological bandaid treatment; identifying the level of anxiety or depression and trying to work through it by focusing on the problem areas. I know what you’re thinking:

 ‘Piift! As if I’m going to look forward to writing down a stupid few one liners from my daily escapades’! 

Well, like everything here on this blog, I only preach what I practice- and I won’t practice anything unless it has sound scientific research to support it. After just one session, you will feel good! Serotonin will begin to flow, and the subsequent positive feelings of love, compassion, wellbeing, accomplishment and satisfaction. It’s quite phenomenal really. You will be sleeping better and waking up with more drive and vitality within a week!


1.     At the end of the day right before bed, set up a note pad, electronic note pad or computer- anything that will record your thoughts for the day- something you will have access to everyday for 1 week (to start with- trust me this technique is like Pringles- once you pop you cant stop- PLEASE don’t eat Pringles lol!)

2.     Write the heading ‘What went well today?’

3.     Write 3 things that went well today. It doesn’t have to be significant. It can be as simple as I stuck to my goal and went to the gym, or got to spoke to my little girl today. Anything that was an achievement or made you feel good!

4.     Write a short response to why it happened. What made you feel good about this? Because you were awesome and stuck to your goal which assisted in weight loss or because you wanted to hear about your daughter’s first day at school. This could have stimulated feelings of love and compassion for getting to hear your daughter’s voice.

5.     Spend as much time reflecting on them as you like. It sound silly but trust me it works! Try it…

6.     Men- don’t think you are being a pussy. :)

And that’s it! Extremely simple and extremely effective! This technique developed by Martin Seligman (leading psychologist in the movement of positive psychology) takes only 5- 10mins to complete and will create feelings of happiness, increased wellbeing and within a few days will become part of your daily routine (if you wish) and something else to look forward to on a daily basis.

Trust me the time investment is well worth it! Just turn your TV off 5 mins before you go to bed, or tell your mates at the wet mess that your going to bed early ‘cause your wreaked.

If you think you don’t have ‘time’ to do this…think about the time you spent going to the doctor for your antidepressants, drinking alcohol to alleviate your mood, training to the point you cant think anymore to relieve thoughts contributing to anxiety or time spent on the phone whinging to your misses about how much FIFO work sucks…

This simple little exercise seems like the cheats way out to me in comparison. Just try it- it WORKS! :)

Yours in health and wellness,