I thought for the first post I would share something with you that is always on everybody's minds:


“How many days have you got left mate?”


This question is asked religiously everyday, often in response to a grunt or moan about somebody's day or current task they have been given. The usual response is something like:

‘Aarrh still got another 15 days left on this F***** rock, can’t wait to get on that plane!’

This concept amuses me slightly because these people wish away the 26, 28 or however many days they spend at work, just to live the 7, 9 etc days they are given for RnR.


You mean to tell me that you feel you are only allowed to enjoy ONE third or LESS of your life? And that the other two thirds or more is to be spent in misery, counting down the days by inscribing a mark on your prison cell wall with nothing but the slight incentive of a decent pay packet at the end of the swing?

The paradox here is that most of these people when asked how was their epic RnR that was worth wishing away the last 26 days of their life for often reply with:

"Ohh didn’t do much, sank some piss on the couch and played X box for a bit. Oh and the misses got up me for not cleaning up the yard again!"

C’mon, seriously? Then what, we wish away the next 20 odd days and do the same thing again? Dude, that’s not living! It seems like it’s beyond our realm of possibility to try and actually enjoy the time we spend at work. Yes we may be away from our friends and loved ones, but its all perspective!

I don’t know about you, but I choose to live EVERYDAY, not wait for my RnR to experience what life has to offer.


Food for thought:

  • We have awesome mates who are living and working with us and are in the same boat. These people can be great support networks- so never be shy to express your feelings (no boys it’s not being a princess), or be a good listening ear.

  • FIFO camps are pretty much just a health camp if you let it be! We have access to gyms, classes, swimming pools and personal trainers….all for FREE ☺! Get your self a training partner and get amongst it!

  • There is plenty of time to practice your chosen instrument, read, relax or take up yoga/ meditation.

  • Why we are doing FIFO! Because we know we are making a hell of a lot more money than we would be back at home and setting up our own and our families futures. If we weren’t here, we would be slaving away for someone, somewhere else stuck in traffic everyday, preparing our own food and making our own beds and doing our own washing!


Did you know that through a relatively new field of science known as epigenetics, scientists have proven that your thoughts, feeling literally affect and change your phenotype (the expression) of your genes!

No? Well this means that if you are predominantly in a negative state of mind, your body and other external factors in your life will work against you. You are more likely to be fat, have increased chances of diabetes, heart disease and increase the likelihood of relationship breakdowns!

However, the good news is that if you predominantly have positive, thoughtful and compassionate feelings you can actually switch off cancer causing genes and turn on health promoting genes ☺

For a more in depth reading on that read ‘Pottenger’s Prophecy: How Food Resets Genes for Wellness or Illness’ by Gray Graham.


The other potential issue is that we are empathetic beings by nature. This means we have the ability to subconsciously be aware of and take on other people’s emotions. Unfortunately you have the ability to make your mates lives worse..without even meaning too! I see it all too often; we get caught up in other people’s negativity and whinge for the sake of whinging! The obvious plus to this is that you also have the amazing ability to positively affect your works mate’s attitude!

Don’t believe me? Think about how you feel after hanging out with the most negative person in your crew. It doesn’t take long before you start seeing problems with your mates work, supervision and life in general. You get all flustered about small things and everything seems to go against you!

Now think about the most positive or easy going person you know. Think about how you are always drawn to them, enjoy their company- and probably envy their life. It’s not because they were dealt the ace of spades in life, it’s because they have their mindset sorted!

Surely we owe it to ourselves and our fellow workmates to promote health and wellness into our lives- by simply changing our perspective on our life situation!


When times are tough...ask yourself why you’re here:

  • Set your self a specific goal and write the damn thing down! It seems so basic and obvious that you don’t need to write it down, but when I ask people what is it they really want- they can rarely answer the question in detail. Work out what it is exactly you are here for. Set yourself an achievable but challenging timeline to achieve it and get off your arse and do it! Nothing spells motivation like your own handwriting spelling out your dreams and aspirations on a bit of paper staring you in the face first thing in the morning and last thing at night! Hang it above your bed, or next to the mirror. Let it be a constant reminder of way you CHOOSE to work in the FIFO environment.

  • Keep a photo of loved ones, that big Europe trip or the plans to your new house pinned to your wall or desk. This can be a great motivator and beats looking at the wall paint ☺

  • The next time you catch your self out telling your mate how much better you could do your supervisor’s job- think- is it really worth getting worked up, stressed out and sabotaging your own health to sound like the hero? Or can you take solace in knowing that your probably getting paid by the hour, and realistically you would clean the toilet floor with a toothbrush for what they are paying you? Hey- it’s your health!!!

  • Meditation for as little as 5 minutes a day can help alleviate any stress we may be experiencing, assist us collect our thoughts and refocus on our goals. Boys do NOT think this is ‘soft!’ I personally do this several times a day and it has been fundamental to my major successes in life!

  • Remember those poor suckers that have to sit in traffic to and from work everyday back at home, instead of the free 10 min bus ride we get everyday ☺