FIFO Fashionistas

Not the best at talking about myself haha but I'll have a go, So after Five long years of FIFO life I have finally found the reason I was looking for to get out of the industry for a while. 

My good mate and now Business partner have Launched a clothing label we are based in Indonesia but mainly an online store at the moment.

We got into clothing after the last few years spending our annual leave from Barrow Island traveling around Europe. So many times while away we were asked where we get our clothes from. So after a bit of discussion and planning we made the decision to move to Indonesia and have found a common interest that can fuel our lifestyle change.

This is only possible due to FIFO choices we made years ago. I never wanted to get caught up in the FIFO lifestyle for long. I think it is important to get in and get out of the industry, set yourself goals and the reach them. It is an easy 'trap' to get caught in and it is so sad to hear of so many people struggling with this. 

It is very important to stay positive while working away as we all know how contagious negativity can be and it only takes a few people to bring you down.

I came across a quote a while back that has helped me a fair bit.

Don’t set business goal and then try to build a lifestyle aroind those goals...Build a set of life goals and then build a business that supports that lifestyle!

Hopefully that is a bit of a positive message to some people who are thinking of taking on something they want but might be a bit sceptical or nervous to do it! "You will never know if you don't try".

Get over to bali soon! 

Regards Johnny Stott