The supervisor is in your ear about getting the job done, your misses has been on the blower to you all morning telling you every intricate detail of her morning sickness,  you're tired from your extra long swing and the site store doesn’t have anything you need…Ooh and I should mention it’s only 7:00am!


Sound familiar? 


Stress is a part of everyday life, however it is greatly amplified in the FIFO environment! If the pressure is mounting and I’m under the pump, here’s a quick and effective method I use to reduce stress whilst on the job.


1. Tools down

2. Go for a walk. Doesn’t matter where you go, toilet, store, where-ever, just as long as it lasts about 5 minutes or so. Then you can return to your work front refreshed with your mind on the job.

3. As you walk, focus your attention inwards and on your breath. It will be hard at first 'cause your mind is racing. But just do it! Focus all your attention on 4 sec in, 4 sec out. Just be with your breath- There is nothing else to do, just walk and breathe.

4. Once you have your breathe mastered, turn your attention on your body and find where that stress or edginess is in your body. You may think it is all over but as you focus your attention inwards you will find it is in your stomach, chest, legs etc.. Just be with it- watch it and keep breathing.

5. On the inhale imagine energy from all around you going into your body and into the ’stressed’ part of your body- cleaning and releasing the tension.

6. On the exhale, imagine all that diffused energy being released or ‘grounded’ down through your legs and leaking into the ground like a lightening bolt connecting with earth and neutralising.


Continue for as long as needed! And remember- Smile :)