Rain Day

Here's a post from a while back, but wanted to share it on the website- enjoy!

I woke up early this morning. Lying in my bed, eyes still closed I remembered they had predicted heavy rain. I eagerly jumped up and raised the blinds to check the weatherman’s often-uneventful predictions. Even though it was dark, I instantly knew he was right for once! The smell of fresh rain set my imagination wild and the sound of heavy droplets hitting corrugated tin was music to my ears. It was going to be a good day!  

'Rain Day, Yiewww!'

As we all pilled onto the bus and then into the cribs huts there is a lot more excitement in the air than usual. The initial idea of having the day in the cribs is epic, no work- just play.

The excitement continues for an hour or two, but then it starts to slow down. People become deeply immersed in movies on their ipads and laptops, others play cards and some go for a smoke, then take a much needed rest.

Two hours pass, still too early for smoko- although some get their food out and put it on the table in the hopes the time will arrive quicker. The dudes with the hard drives grab a quick coffee and get back into their second movie. Many start to become restless. I watch a couple of the boys on the table across from me aimlessly flicking through every magazine they can find. They get up often, but just to grab another picture mag from their neighboring tables. Watching the satellite images from the BOM is getting old. The angst and boredom sets in.

By lunch time half the crew is banging their heads against the table. Sneering comments are made about management’s lack of coordination skills and opinions fly on how much better other camps are and that we should be back home with full pay.

Time is so precious out here! Working for 20 odd days straight and 10-12 hours a day, any spare time we get is a blessing! So, my question is this:

‘Did you make this rain day worth your while?’


Did you spend it chewing your finger nails down to the bone and shaking your leg off its hip hinges?

If you answered the latter, which seemed to be the case for many- here are a few tips to make the most of your next highly anticipated day off:

  • Make sure you have a book or two stashed in your bag. Books are also great to whip out when old mate starts talking about work during your regular lunch break.
  • Bring in your Ipad/ laptop and internet dongle so you can answer emails, look for properties, skype the family, check out what your mates are doing on facie or watch some movies.
  • Write this blog :)
  • Bring in your study notes and do that assessment. Now you can make it to the gym today as well!
  • Find a course online and start studying it! Just because you have finished school or have your trade doesn’t mean you have stopped learning. The more you take in, the more you can take in. life is awesome- experience it! Take up photography, Anything that inspires you!
  • Use the time to write down your goals, reasons for working FIFO!
  • Use the time to meet someone new to talk about something other than what you would do if you were running this job :)

This is just a short list, you can do anything! Or nothing! The choice is yours. But all I know is this time is precious and a gift… I choose to use it wisely- I hope you do too :)

Food for thought,