8 Ways to improve your FIFO Wellness

1.         Get your sleep: I love using Robb Wolf’s Quote ‘Sleep may cut in to your social life, but so will cancer diabetes, and dementia!’ Without sleep, it doesn’t matter how well you look after your nutrition, how much effort you put into training or meditate. The wheels are going to fall off and it will be a massive struggle to wake up at 4:00am every day for your month long roster. I aim for at least 7.5 hours a night. Get it done!


2.        Mindset is everything: There is an unfortunate stigma attached to the FIFO industry. The notion is basically ‘Everything is sh*t! We are old school miners and we’ll be miserable every day of our working life until we reach the illusive end goal (ie retirement)- then we will be happy!’ Ha! This vision is never reached and you have spent the best years of your life being a negative Nellie. Try to enjoy your existence on this planet, if not for yourself then for those around you. Be the person you would like to be around :)


3.      Be responsible for your own health: The FIFO industry is renowned for unhealthy and overweight people. Don’t be a statistic. Make your health a priority by doing your own research. Just try something and be consistent with it. We get so caught up on ‘They aren’t doing this’ or ‘why can’t they do that for me?’  Look after your own health and read my book FIFO: There’s a Healthier Way :)


4.       At the start of every roster, remind yourself why you are here: Sounds obvious, but knowing exactly why you have chosen to come back this swing can be incredibly motivating. Whether it is so your little girl can go to piano lessons, for your dream holiday or to finish paying off that house. Write your motivation down and hang it on your mirror or somewhere else you will see it every morning and night. I promise you, spending the 3 minutes it takes will be so worth your while :)


5.       Put aside at least one hour a day to focus on you: working the FIFO roster is not normal, so keeping your body and mind stimulated and refreshed is essential to avoid the monotony. Whether it is meditation, training in the gym, playing tennis or just chilling out with some relaxing beats. What you do in your very limited spare time can be the difference between lasting 6 months v’s 6 or more years in our game!


6.       Know the hand that feeds you: Some FIFO camps are renowned for their poor food quality. It can be very challenging to find healthier options. Spending a little time getting to know the kitchen staff can provide you with opportunities to get your grilled fish and fresh broccoli without the sauce and other health damaging condiments :)


7.       Utilise your 20kg of checked in luggage wisely: As stated above, the food quality in these camps can be terrible for the health enthusiast. When you are working away for a month straight and have no access to any shops or fresh produce, supplements and food supplies become your best friend. I bring Rice protein powder, walnuts, coconut oil, ghee, my own organic condiment grinders, 85% dark chocolate, vitamins, krill oil, natural deodorant, toothpaste and soap. You have 20kg allocated to you….use it :)


8.       Use your time wisely: Don’t spend every day drinking down at the wet mess after work. One of the benefits of working the FIFO lifestyle is that it is very easy to get into routine. There are no distractions because everything runs like clockwork and there is nowhere to go. This is epic motivation to start going to the gym, playing tennis, going for a ride with mates, learning an instrument or studying to further your career or future endeavours.