Steve Hord has been working in the Pilbara for the past few years as an EEHA Electrician. He has been sweating his ass off, slogging out big days under the Australian sun and living in the mining village camps. He knows what it's like to be your employee, and he knows there's a healthier way to do it!

You might as well just send them home with full pay for the rest of the day!

Steve uses an array of learnt and applied wellness strategies and a positive mindset to maintain a high level of health with a smile whilst in a FIFO environment. For some examples of his holistic approach to health and wellness check out the sample pages of his new book 'FIFO: There's A Healthier Way' (click here).

 A new found zest for life, motivation and a high level of health is the perfect recipe for a happy and productive employee. As a tradesman working in the mining industry Steve knows you cannot 'preach productivity' or simply tell employees to pick up their game. You might as well just send them home with full pay for the rest of the day! You need to give them a reason to turn up for you day after day performing as per your business model. Until the day Artificial intelligence replaces the need for humans in the mining industry- you're going to need Steve to share his mindset and wellness techniques with your workforce!

...understanding this portion of the day is often critical often to unlocking the problem areas that your business faces!

Steve can provide a fully customised presentation to your workforce. It is guaranteed to be an approach unparalleled by any other motivational speech or toolbox talk. Why? Because it will relate directly to your business and your employee's needs. Steve will come to your site and 'hang' with your crew in their work environment or office space, you'll even get free labouring from him in the process! Then, if the circumstances permit he will continue developing the full picture after hours back in the construction village. Seemingly insignificant from a business model's point of view, but understanding this portion of the day is often critical often to unlocking the problem areas that your business faces!

Common areas needing to be addressed are lack of motivation, unwilling attitudes and general health issues (nutrition and exercise mainly). FIFO has its own set of rules. Don't stick your head in the sand and try to tackle low productivity from the management level. It must be done from the shop floor. Assistance can only be provided by someone from the workforce. That someone is Steve!

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