Hey Steve,

Im so glad that I found your blog (via Sarah Wilson’s)! My partner works FIFO at Wheatstone and we’re constantly trying to make sure he gets a decent diet while on site. Your blog is such a wealth of information! Ive also passed it onto my partner!

So Im sending you a big high-five for taking the time to create this site!!!
— Cindel Heperi

This is fantastic. My hubby showed me this page last break home. He booked me into have my bloods done after reading your advice. I have to say I am feeling so much better. I taking only a few supplements I am deficient in and have increased other things in my diet. Also, the reflection excercise is a great way to boost well being. I don’t work in the industry but my husband does and it is hard when he is away at work and depression can set in quickly when your on your own with two kids, just as it is hard for those who work away- so thank you so much for this book and FB page, if has defiantly helped me
— Nicholette Connelly

Losing weight couldn’t be a simpler process.

At 28 years old, and after having two children and spending my days sitting in front of my work computer, I gained a lot of weight (20 kg’s +). I no longer had any confidence, and whilst I love being behind the camera, I was completely against being in front of the camera. I struggled to fit into some of my clothes and upon a visit to my local GP; it was brought to my attention that I was no longer within a healthy weight range.

Knowing that I had put on the weight, but scared to fight to lose it

Fifo: There’s A Healthier Way, guided me through this struggle. I never realised that there was such a wide variety of healthy foods available. Nor would I have thought that I would be able to adjust “boring” meals to make the palate dance.

Fifo: There’s A Healthier Way, has also showed me that requiring a snack doesn’t mean that I have to go to the pantry and get that packet of chips or that block of chocolate, now I find myself reaching for healthier snacks.

Before taking the next step and deciding to face this so called “struggle” I can only remember filling up on full sugar soft drinks, potato’s and pasta’s. All I was consuming was Carbohydrates and Sugars; I had no idea what I was doing to my body and how this would affect me!

Whilst I don’t work within a FIFO position, I have found this book to open my eyes (and close my stomach!) to what foods I have been consuming have really been doing to me.

I have now lost over 20kg’s and am within a healthy weight range. I am now so much more confident, have more energy and when I’m not behind the camera, I have very little hesitation being in front of it!

I highly recommend Fifo: There’s A Healthier Way to anyone who needs to better their health, I strongly believe that you will find some answers within this book and reach your goals, as I have!
— Anne Holmes